Personal Blogs

My thanks to Tommy for supporting my blog. I appreciate his generosity and I am glad to hear that he enjoys reading this blog. This is definitely a motivation to keep me going.

As a blogger who blogs my life away, I really miss reading personal blogs. Even people I don’t know, I love to catch a glimpse of their life. They don’t have to be famous and they don’t even have to write about grand topics. I enjoyed something personal about their life that are willing to share to the public.

Whether blogging about their kids, emotions, or passions, they are invited the readers into their mind and I felt like I get to know them a bit. The other day, I saw a group of Vietnamese-American mothers who used to blog met up and posted their photos on Facebook. I was told that they are still blogging, but mostly in private. I wish they were still open to the public, but I am glad to hear that they are still blogging.

I am exciting to see my sons (Tinygui and Lilgui) started blogging. I hope they keep it up to practice their writing.