Taking Freestyle 1

Last night I decided to enroll in Freestyle 1 ice skating lessons with Coach Kate whose classes I had taken before. I skipped Delta because I had learned the techniques with Coach Julia via YouTube. I could keep learning this way, but I missed having group lessons. In the new class, I am the only guy. The girls, most of them are quite young, are very good. I will need lots of practice to catch up.

After our first day of ice skating lesson, I went to the skatepark. I wanted to regain my confidence after my epic fall. I dropped down the ramps carefully, working my way from lower to higher ramps. I am giving up rollerblading. I just need to take my time with it.

Last night, I checked with my wife to see how we’re doing financially. We’re spending quite a bit on summer activities. Đán and Xuân are taking private tutoring for their academics. They both also enrolled in ice skating camp next week. These camps weren’t necessary, but I made a mistake of enrolling Đán in the wrong hockey program. They didn’t give us our refund; therefore, I might as well enroll them into figure skating camps using the credits. Đạo will also start his virtual writing workshop next week. I also want him to pick up private ice skating lessons again. Then I started taking group lessons again. I wanted to take private lessons, but opted in for group lessons because they are cheaper.

My wife didn’t say anything; therefore, I assumed we’re doing OK. I hope these activities will keep them active during the summer. I am really happy that Đạo and Đán started to blog. At least I know they are using their screen time not just for gaming and watching ridiculous YouTube videos.