Blacked Out

Yesterday morning, I woke up and didn’t feel too well. I had a hoarse throat, which I thought was from eating spicy hot pot the day before. I went to the skatepark anyway to drop some ramps. I wanted to do the half pipe, but one side of it was still wet. I decided to try out a high ramp, which looked like the other high ramp I had done. When I looked down, this ramp seemed to have a steeper curve than the other one, but I was overconfident. I went for it.

I didn’t know what happened next. I blacked out for a few minutes. I fell on my butt and my head hit the ground. Fortunately, I had a helmet on to protect my head. When I slowly regained my consciousness, I thought I was dreaming. When I called my wife, it was around 9:30 am. I left my house around 8:30 am. I was not sure how long I was out, but I had a headache when I drove back home.

Other than having some pain on my butt and neck, I am doing fine. Though I think I am coming down with a cold from my kids, which began during our vacation. I definitely need to be more careful. I am also taking a break from skating to recover.