Here We Go Again

As I was hanging with my kids on a beautiful Friday morning, my phone was beeping off the hook. There were over 30 messages about our kids’ scouting activities. I agreed to be part of this group text so that I can receive information from the Scout leaders reminding us about things we need to do for our kids. As I scrolled through the text, Trump Supporter #1 texted:

LoL … ghosts have no voting rights … well, unless you are a dems …

Trump Supporter #2 replied:

One thing is for sure. I cant be at [two places] at once as I have a sub and a regular scout … unless I voted for Biden … which I did nit…

This wasn’t the first time that these guys brought up politics into the Boy Scout activities. Since none of the leaders seemed to concern, I replied back:

Wow, tons of messages to catch up. I appreciate receiving information on our scouting activities, but please spare me from political banters and uninitiated sarcasms. Thank you!

Trump Supporter #1 responded:

🙂 Why should you be spare? Under socialism, everyone shares misery equally..

If America could survive four years under Trump, he can live eight years under Biden. Politics is a bitch and she bites. Don’t hate the players, hate the game.

I didn’t respond because I wanted to spare other parents from these political arguments. I also didn’t want to feed into these sore losers. I had been fed up with these Vietnamese Trump supporters. I had removed myself from the parents’ social exchange during the Scout meetings. I either went to the skatepark or just read a book alone while waiting for my kids. Now I have to deal with them through text messages. If these comments continue, I will request to be removed from the list.

It had been so peaceful since the Orange turd had gone. I really don’t want to hear anymore of his shit nor his supporters’ shit. Leave me out of it.