What’s Next?

I wrapped up my ice skating Gamma lessons last night. I scored 47/50 on the test even though my performance wasn’t that good. My 3-turns and hockey stops were good. My Mohawk combinations weren’t so good. I scored a nine on my left and an eight on my right. The points don’t matter, but they give me a sense of where I am at in this recreational journey.

I am exhausted and a bit burned out. The challenge gets steeper as we go to the next level. I am still debating about continuing to Delta. I have to switch to figure skates, which my wife had bought a used pair on eBay. They haven’t arrived yet. One of my classmates won’t continue because he is going into hockey. With just three students, they won’t have the class. The minimum requirement is five students. They would hold a class for four but not three. Maybe I’ll just watch YouTube and learn on my own. I could do private lessons, but I don’t want the coach to focus on me the entire time.

My sons are showing less enthusiasm in ice skating. Đán has not done much in Delta. He wants to play hockey, but I am not even sure if he does. Đạo is doing great in Gamma, but every time I asked him to go practice he got grumpy. Xuân is doing fine in Alpha, but he doesn’t like to practice either. Of course they would rather spend time on their computer and play video games.

My wife is right again. Without an end goal, they would get bored. We’ll see what happens once they are done with their lessons. They seem to be done with rollerblading.