Forma DJR Speaks Vietnamese

David Jonathan Ross writes about the expansion of his Forma DJR:

Ruggero also took the opportunity to add Vietnamese language support, bringing it in line with my other recent releases. Donny Truong, creator of the incredible Vietnamese Typography resource, advised us on the project, and was particularly helpful with the crucial diacritical horn.

We were nervous about using a straightened horn, which would be an unusual feature for a sans like this one, but we thought it vibed with Forma’s Modernist leanings. To our delight, Donny encouraged us to keep this more daring shape, and we took his pragmatic suggestion to provide a curved alternate for those who prefer it, especially in text.

I have always been opened about diacritics and I alway loved when type designers go beyond the convention for display typefaces. I am so happy to see the final result for Forma DJR. Congratulations to David and Ruggero Magrì for the superb expansion. I can’t wait to try out the variable font version.