Fully Vaccinated

I received my second dose of Pfizer on Wednesday afternoon. Other than a sore arm, I felt fine. I went back home to work and then went ice skating in the evening. I wanted to get some practice before my test next Tuesday, but I couldn’t do much. All the turning made me dizzy.

I went to bed early, but then I had a terrible dream. My wife was iced cold. Then she pulled the Bill-and-Melinda shit on me. She wanted to get divorce because she can’t no longer grow together with me. What’s happened to the vowel we took? In case she forget, let me remind her: “Rồi mai đây đi trên đường đời / Đừng buông tay âm thầm tìm về cô đơn.” (Later, on the journey through life / Don’t let go of my hand to seek your quiet solitude.)

I woke up and thank goodness it was just a dream. I took off my CPAP mask and just read and wrote in bed. Around 8 AM, I took my oldest son to school to take the standard test. I went back home to work on a project that required full concentration. I told my other son to take his class on his own.

At 10:30 AM, I had to break away from the project to go to my doctor appointment. My internist wanted to touch base on my sleep study. I went back home, had a quick lunch, then went back to work. Without any email interruptions, I finished the project around 3:30 PM. I sent it to my co-worker to check the content.

I put together a study guide for my son for his test the next day. Instead of taking notes, he and I took photos of all the slides his teacher presented. I went back to all the slides and wrote a single page study guide for him to study.

I was planning on taking the kids to the skatepark after they finished with their school, but my headache was getting worse. Then I started to feel chilly. Then my temperature increased. The vaccine had kicked in. I went to bed to rest while my wife took the kids out for pizza and frozen yogurt.

I am heading to bed early tonight and hopefully the reaction will go away tomorrow.