America is Fucked

Mass shootings, domestic violence, police killing civilians, Americans are killed by guns every day. Every time I glanced at the news, someone just got shot somewhere in America. Yesterday I was angry, hopeless and speechless once again to learn that a police officer had shot a sixteen-year-old Black girl four times. Through a body camera, we learned that she was holding a knife and attacking two people. Did she deserve to be killed?

She was a kid and kids don’t know any better. The situation could have been de-escalated without killing her. She was bringing a knife to a gunfight. One shot in her leg could have taken her down. Unloading four bullets on her was unnecessary. Not every situation had to be fatal. We badly need police reforms.

We also badly need gun reforms. Too many innocent lives have been lost if we continue not to do anything about this. Thoughts and prayers clearly don’t work. We need real actions. Human lives should not be a political issue, but I am sounding like a broken record here. How can one of the greatest countries in the world have failed to keep its people safe from gun violence?