Naohiro Matsumura: Shikake

I have not read a book on design for a while and Naohiro Matsumura’s Shikake just drew me right back to my alley. The concept of shikakeology, which focuses on changing human behavior through design, is intriguing. According to Matsumura, a shikake must met the following requirements:

  • Fairness: A shikake does not disadvantage anyone.
  • Attractiveness: A shikake invites action.
  • Duality of purpose: The maker and the user of the shikake have different goals.

Matsumura provides a handful of real-world examples to illustrate shikake. Turning the stairs into a piano is a shikake that encourages people to use it. Adding a target to urinals decreases splashes by 80 percent. Combining a basketball hoop and a bin helps children to clean up their toys.

I am definitely interested in applying the concept of shikakeology in user experience on the web. If you’re a UX designer, I highly recommend this book. It’s a quick, informative read.

Bonjour Vietnam