Ignorant Shit

I exploded on one of my cousins on Facebook. She’s one of those idiot Trump supporters who kept posting dumb shits on her timeline. I usually ignored her posts, but yesterday I simply could not. Since she could not think on her own, she “borrowed” this “powerful message” from someone else:

I never thought I’d see a day when so many people were so afraid of dying that they willingly quit living.

I just couldn’t stand this stupidity and ignorance. My mom/her aunt died of COVID-19. Her own brother feared for his life when he got really sick from COVID-19 and she mocked people for being afraid of dying. I responded:

Sure, go out, live your life, and get sick. That is some dumb, ignorant shit.

My original comment was “get COVID-19” instead of “get sick,” but Facebook blocked it. It detected I was posting misinformation and encouraging people to get COVID.

A white man goes by the name Willie Hinz responded to my comment:

You are the living proof of the statement above. And by looking at your face. You are the one that have shitty ass looking face.

WTF? Is this a beauty pageant? I found a dude commenting on another dude appearance to be hilarious and frankly stupid so I played along. I replied to him:

Thank you for taking your time to click on my face, look at my face, and then attack my appearance. From a fellow to a fellow, I am flattered that you go after my look. I wonder why my cousin has become so ignorant. Just look at the people she’s palling around with.

He replied:

Once again you confirm what You Are! She is my cousin too!

What? My cousin has a white cousin? This is something new to me. I responded with sarcasm:

It’s all good, my man. Sorry, I didn’t know you were her cousin as well. I guess she abandoned her blood cousin for a white cousin. You sure are a better-looking cousin than I am.

My cousin chimed in to defend her fake-ass cousin, which I didn’t really care for. She accused me of trying to play colors. She even quoted Martin Luther King, Jr.:

I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

How ironic is that most of her posts were about hating on Black Lives Matter and she uses Martin Luther King, Jr.’s word to defend her white friend. She bragged that her friend is an immigrant who made a success for himself. I am glad that her friend is successful. Everyone can be successful in America if they are willing to work hard. She definitely needs to go back to study the history of the United States. This is a nation of immigrants. Even white people immigrated here.

I switched back to her ignorant post to point out that she “doesn’t give a fuck about any else but her-goddamn-self,” knowing her aunt died from COVID and her brother feared for his life from COVID. She asked me to “completely remove yourself from this post” because I was using “offensive language.” I complied. I cannot fix stupid. I wish her well. Go on, live her life, enjoy herself, and don’t get COVID. I unfriended her.

Last year when the general election was tearing apart families, I tried my hardest to ignore Trump supporters and COVID deniers, especially from family members, friends, and the Vietnamese community. I didn’t want to get into fights with family members and friends over these issues. After my mom died of COVID, however, I don’t give a fuck anymore even if they are family members. I don’t need those kinds of relationships in my life.