Not an Attack

My post from yesterday was not an attack on anyone, definitely not on any family member. My intention was to help clear the paranoia around COVID-19. If people were in my situation, they could help their loved ones without panicking. I wished I had this information when I had to face COVID-19.

I took the COVID-19 tests because I wanted to and no one forced me to. Of course, I wanted my family to be safe. I do, however, have a few regrets on the choices that I made out of fear of COVID-19. I did not know when my mother was contracted, but I could have intervened as soon as my sister tested positive. I did not know if it would make any difference since she was already coughing badly, but I could have helped in any way I could.

I had insensitive thoughts about my sister early on. I had not told her directly, but they were on my mind. I can still hear the pains and the regrets in her voice every time someone asked about our mother’s death. Her reply had been, “She got it from me.” No one wanted this to happen and we should be more thoughtful, compassionate, and kind to the people involved. It is totally understandable to protect yourself from this deadly virus and distance yourself from people, but don’t panic and overreact. Even if you show your support, don’t be thoughtless and insensitive.

Sure, the safest way is to lock yourself in your own room for months and not be in contact with anyone. If you can live that way, more power to you, but that is not necessary. COVID-19 is contagious, but we now know enough about it to understand how it spreads. You can still go to the grocery store with a mask and to keep distance from others. You can still talk to others with a mask on and from a distance. You can still take care of a COVID-19 victim if you take all the precautions.

I am not being preachy and I definitely don’t think I am better than anyone else. I just hope that people are not overreacting and panicking. If you take that as an attack then you don’t know me. When I attack, I don’t beat around the bush. I will call you out. I have done that plenty of time before.

Bonjour Vietnam