The Thrills of Rollerblading

I started rollerblading during the lockdown as an alternative to ice skating. I was fearful at first, but now I enjoy it as much as ice skating. The two are different, but they complement each other. Whereas ice skating is about techniques, rollerblading is all about the thrills.

Skating down the ramps at skateparks has been exciting. I try to increase incrementally from lower to higher slopes. I am taking my time to make sure I am not breaking any bones. I am not as fearless as my nine-year-old son whose skills surpassed me. I am not competing with him, but I am inspired by him. He pushes me to overcome my fears.

These days, I try to put in at least an hour a day whenever the weather permits. The only problem is that when the weather is nice, the skateparks are also crowded. Some wear masks and some don’t. As a result, I find alternative places to rollerblade and bike trails are ideal. One of the advantages of rollerblading on a bike trail is that our family members who do not skate can join us.

For a while, I had no motivation to stay active. I ate more and drank more, but hardly moved. I felt tired, lazy, and depressed. I just wanted to read. Walking didn’t seem to do much. I got tired of jogging. I got bored of running on the treadmill. I was not into biking that much. Rollerblading and ice skating excite me and improve my health. I feel better even when work stresses me out. I also sleep better at night. I doubt that I have lost any weight, but I feel lighter. I don’t even drink much anymore—partly due to my gout—and I am not craving for it. I hope these recreational sports can keep me active. These are the only workouts I liked so far.