Visualgui 2020 Iteration 7: Roslindale

For the seventh iteration of my blog, I reset the typeface using the demo variable font of Roslindale, designed by David Jonathan Ross. Although this version of Roslindale is still a work-in-progress, David would send it to any member of his Font of the Month Club to try out. Of course, I jumped on the opportunity to test it out.

For big headlines, I wanted the ultra style to grab readers’ attention. For smaller headings, I used the bold display style. On mobile devices, body text set in text regular and text italic at 100% (16px). For large screens, I wanted to increase the size to 125% (20px). At this size, the text weights looked clunky and bulky; therefore, I changed to deck narrow regular and deck narrow italic. The deck style reveals less details at larger size. As a result, I am using six different fonts, but only needed one file. That’s the power of the variable font technology.

For code samples, I needed a mono font, but I hardly write about coding. It would be a waste if I had to include a font in my CSS, but would not using it much; therefore, I used Input Mono, also by DJR, for small details such as category, date, and pagination.