Rebirth of the Soul

At the most critical moment of our time, the people of this great nation have risen up, shown up, and made our voice heard. America has chosen democracy over demagoguery, unity over divisiveness, decency over insults, facts over lies, and science over fiction.

President-Elect Joe Biden and the first woman Black-Indian-American Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris, we are holding you to your promises. We need your strong leadership to restore the integrity of the executive branch, to put the pandemic under control, and to strengthen our commitment to justice for all.

From climate to China, economy to education, healthcare to healing, the Biden administration will face tough challenges ahead. Then again, the job of the president and vice president of the United States are not supposed to be easy. Critical issues cannot be resolved over Twitter. Biden and Harris will need a strong coalition to lead this country out of the damages created in the past four years. They will need people with not only qualifications in their fields but also compassion in their hearts.

This election has demonstrated that our democracy is still strong and resilient. Totalitarian, fascism, and dictatorship have no place in this free nation. The United States is still one of the greatest countries in the world. We need to come together to heal our wounds, revive our souls, and lift up our spirits. There are no red states and blue states. There’s only the United States of America.

Break out the champagne glasses, it’s time to celebrate “America the Beautiful.”