Who Are The Vietnamese-American Trump Supporters?

The election is two days away and voters should have made up their mind by now if they haven’t voted already. At this point, it’s a waste of time trying to change people’s mind, but I have to call out the disrespectful, disturbing rhetorics in the Vietnamese-American community from Trump supporters.

Reading the vicious attacks on Kamala Harris from the Vietnamese-American Trump supporters breaks my heart. It’s fine to support someone they believed in and to oppose the other side, but it is wrong and unacceptable to be racist, sexist, and misogynist. Ms. Harris is one of us. She’s half Asian. Even if they aren’t proud of the fact that she is a heartbeat away from being the Vice President of the United States, they should respect her. I am not going to repeat their degrading language because it is a disgrace for the entire community.

Watching the confrontations between Trump vs. Biden supporters in the Vietnamese-American community shake me to the core. Again, I am not going to link to these embarrassing video clips in which Trump supporters demand the opposite camp to kneel down. They even have the audacity to tell Biden supporters to go back to Vietnam. Who the fuck do these Vietnamese-American Trump supporters think they are? The yellow supremacists?