Visualgui 2020 Iteration 6: Bookerly

I changed the typefaces again. For body text, I switched to Bookerly, designed by Dalton Maag for Amazon Kindle. I love how legible Bookerly appears on e-books. I also changed the background from pure white to light grain-like paper quality. I am a lover of physical books.

For the headers, I went with Ballinger, by Signal Type. I had the opportunity to work with Max Phillips on supporting Vietnamese. I really love the black weight for headers. I wanted to use Ballinger’s text weight, but I still hesitated to use sans serif for body copy. Maybe some time in the future.

In the previous iteration, I said that it would be a while before I made the change again and yet it only lasted 4 days. That’s the beauty of having my own site. I can change it up whenever I want to. I love the freedom to write as well as the freedom to design.

The homepage is featuring a lovely illustration of a diverse group of people supporting Joe Biden. I lifted that artwork right off, which is being displayed way too far down on the official website. I wanted to give it more prominent space on my site until Election Day. Go vote for Sleepy Joe so you can sleep better at night knowing a competent, compassionate president taking care of America.