Visualgui 2020 Iteration 5: Bitter

For iteration 5, I changed the typesetting to Bitter, designed by Sol Matas. In the previous version, the body text was set in Harriet, by designed by Jackson Showalter-Cavanaugh. Although Harriet is beautiful, its serifs appeared a bit too busy for reading on the web. I wanted something simpler and less busy. Bitter fits the bill. Bitter is an open source typeface and it is also a variable font.

In the past few years, I tried to avoid using open source fonts. Because they are open source, anyone can use them. I wanted to have a bit of a selective typeface, but I can’t resist Bitter. Unlike what its name might suggest, Bitter is such a friendly text face. It is so much easy on the eyes. It has distinctive serifs, but not too overwhelming. I wish its black weight has more contrast, but it is still pretty good-looking for headlines. Since it is a variable font, it would be a waste not to use it.

Google Fonts has been putting out so many high quality typefaces with Vietnamese support. I am very impressed with its dedication to typography. I still don’t want to let them host the fonts on its end. I am hosting all the fonts on my own server. If you want to use Bitter, go check it out on Google Fonts.