Ice Skating and Rollerblading

My recreational exercises these days are ice skating and rollerblading. Every Wednesday, I take ice skating lessons for half an hour and practice for half an hour. I am still an amateur, but I enjoy learning the techniques. I encourage my kids to take lessons as well, but they are not interested yet. Đán could benefit from having some structures to grow his skating skills as well as to help him learn to follow instructions.

As for rollerblading, I hesitated at first because it seemed dangerous. Falling on the concrete seemed more serious than falling on ice, especially for someone my age and weight. Then the pandemic hit, which forced all ice skating rinks to close. The alternative choice for skating was rollerblading. Đán and Đạo made a much quicker transition from ice skating to rollerblading than I did. It took me a while to get used to, but now I really am enjoying it. I didn’t even know about skate parks until recently. They are everywhere and we love to discover different ones close to where we live. The kids enjoy rollerblading; therefore, I drag them out to the skate park whenever I have some free time and to get them off the screens. It has been a fun activity I love to do with the kids.

I used to prefer ice skating more than rollerblading, but now I enjoy them both. Although they are similar, ice skating is smoother and rollerblading is much more rugged. One is for the arena and one is for the street. I am glad that I have fostered Đạo’s and Đán’s interest in both. Now I need to work on Xuân and Vương as well.

My wife has informed me that ski resorts will open this winter. I am not sure if it will be safe yet to come back, but I am not ruling it out yet either. We’ll see what will happen. When my wife organized a ski trip for the first time, I hesitated to join the kids for lessons. Skiing is an expensive sport. With ski lift and equipment rental, a day for skiing is around $140 for one person. I gave it a shot and it has also become my favorite winter sport.

I need to stay active and these sports are more exciting than jogging and walking. I am still a noob, but I enjoy discovering more techniques. As long as I can keep myself balanced, I am good. Of course, I have full guards and a helmet to protect myself from head to knee. At this age, I am not taking any risk.