It’s Friday

It’s Friday already. What a hectic week. Work had been overwhelming. Fortunately, I have a fantastic assistant. I am not sure if I can go back to handle everything when he moves on. He has two more semesters of school left.

In addition to doing my own work, I have to keep an eye on my son’s virtual schooling. Despite my effort, Đán is still struggling. He has trouble paying attention to his teachers. He has no clue what to do with his assignments. I have to use Google Translate to help him. Once he understood the instructions, he could do well. He enjoyed having me guiding him through his assignments. It felt great seeing him plowing through his assignments.

My gout still hurts like a motherfucker. Because I am taking Aleve and apple cider vinegar, I have to eat more to prevent stomach upset and yet I couldn’t move much. I am feeling bloated most of the time. I shouldn’t have taken the ice skating lesson with a gout attack. I made the pain worse. I am hoping to get some relaxing time over the weekend to recover. I have books to get me through, but I also have kids to look after. It drives me crazy seeing them playing video games instead of doing outdoor activities.