Fantastic Wednesday

Woke up this morning with excruciating pain in my left foot. The joint near my big toe swelled up. I am having a gout attack, which means I have been consuming more alcohol than I should. I was planning on checking myself into a rehab after the general election, but gout beats me to it.

I took shots of apple cider vinegar with honey then made two sunny-side ups to go with Costco’s croissant. I made two bags of Trung Nguyên’s instant iced coffee and took a pill of Aleve. By 9:10 am, I went down to the basement to join the kids. They had class and I had work to do. I answered emails and revised projects I designed yesterday. At noon, I took our minivan to the gas station for inspection and emissions. While the car was being serviced, I walked over to Walmart to get a flu shot. I got all three things done in half an hour.

I drove back home and had a delicious bowl of bún riêu my wife made. At one, I continued to work until 4:30 pm. At five, we visited my father-in-law’s grave. My wife bought a dozen of beautiful roses for him.

At 5:30 pm, I decided to go ahead with my first ice skating lesson even though the gout attack was killing my left foot. I managed to pull it off. The only time I had trouble was when the instructor wanted us to skate with just our left foot. It felt great getting back on ice after all these months. Ice skating seems a bit easier than rollerblading, but now I liked them both.

I went back home around 8:00 pm and I was just in time for dinner with the family. After dinner, I gave the kids a bath and brushed Xuân’s and Vương’s teeth. My left foot started to torture me. I drank a few more shots of apple cider vinegar and took another Aleve. I hope the pain will go away in the next few days. I definitely need to take my mouth off the liquor.

Before heading to bed, I sucked the snot out of Vương nose, with the nasal aspirator of course. I once witnessed a mother sucking her kid’s nose with her mouth. It was both the grossest and loveliest thing I had ever seen. It proved that a mother’s love is unconditional.

Despite the gout attack, I had a fantastic Wednesday.