The VP Debate

Kamala Harris came prepared to fight. Mike Pence came prepared to pivot. Harris took shots at Trump on every issue including his failure in handling the pandemic, his failure to disclose his income tax, and his failure to condemn white supremacists. She was calm yet fearless. I am really pleased that Biden picked Harris as his running mate. From the way she talked about Joe, they seemed to have a great chemistry.

On the other hand, Mike Pence is such a Trump’s bitch. He seemed to be so fearful of Trump that he literally didn’t answer any of the questions, particularly the ones about Trump. When asked about Trump’s health, he talked about something else. When asked about Trump’s failures, he rolled back to a previous question. When asked about Trump’s tax cut for the wealthy, he turned around and lied about the Democrats raising taxes on the middle class. When asked about Trump’s refusal to a peaceful transfer of power, he completely dodged it. He knew Trump was watching and Trump would bitch-slap him if he said Trump would accept the election results if they lose.

Susan Page was such an awful moderator. She did not press Pence on any of the questions he pivoted. What was the point of asking the questions if she just let him say whatever he wanted? She couldn’t even get him to stop his lies when his time was up. Despite Pence’s interruptions and dodging of questions, the VP debate was much more civil than the first presidential debate. Harris came out like a champ and Pence came out so full of shit that even a fly could detect it.