Getting to Know Biden

After the primary election, I jumped on the Biden wagon because we don’t have a choice in the general election. His candidacy didn’t inspire me like Elizabeth Warren’s or Pete Buttigieg’s. Even Biden’s record hasn’t been all that great. He made many mistakes and he came off arrogant. I still remember him ridiculing Paul Ryan on the VP debate stage in 2012.

Looking back to his recent primary debates and his first debate with Trump last Tuesday in particular, I noticed the change in him. Despite calling Trump a clown and telling him to shut up, Biden was so much more disciplined. He held his composure. He didn’t counterattack Trump’s family members even though Trump dragged his son through the mud. He tried his best to speak directly to the American people despite Trump’s constant interruptions. He was still sharp. Unlike Trump who wrongly accused him of calling young Black males superpredators, Biden showed no sign of dementia.

Unlike the blustering younger Biden, the older Biden is wiser and quieter. He listens more and he is being honest about what he doesn’t know. Like Obama, Biden is constantly learning and searching for new information to help him make better and smarter decisions.

I was curious to know what had changed him; therefore, I did a bit more research. The pivotal moment was in 2015 when his son Beau Biden died of cancer. The death of Beau had a profound impact on Biden. He turned his tragedy into positivity. He has compassion. He treats people with kindness. He cares for all Americans. By picking Kamala Harris as his running mate, Biden is a man of his word.

I have come to realize that Biden is the right candidate all along to help us get out of this mess. Biden alone can’t fix everything, but he will unite America, keep us healthy, and resuscitate our dying democracy.