Mailed In My Ballot

My absentee ballot arrived in the mail this afternoon and I wasted no time filling it out. From Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to Senator Mark Warner to Representative Gerry Connolly, I voted straight Democrats from top to bottom. Gotta keep Virginia blue.

I dropped off my ballot at the post office and felt great doing my part as a citizen of the United States. Now it is up to the country to decide on the life and death of our democracy. I hope people will choose wisely. I have tremendous respect for voters who put their country before their party, particularly the Republican voters who choose to vote for Biden. My hat off to Cindy McCain.

If you can vote early, go to the poll as soon as you can. If you choose to vote by mail, request your ballot now. Please don’t wait. Get your vote in. Make this a landslide victory so the orange loser will have to accept the results.