An Open Letter to Independent Voters

Dear independent voters,

We are 42 days from one of the most critical elections in U.S. history and I hope that you have made up your mind already. If you are still undecided, however, I urge you to vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. I vote for Biden and Harris because I vote for Democrats. You vote for Biden and Harris not for Democrats but for democracy.

Let’s face it. The Republican Party is under captive. Republican leaders who were elected to work for the American people are now taking orders from Trump instead. They are looking out for their own interests rather than for our country. In the past four years, Trumpism has replaced the Republican Party. If Trump gets re-elected, our democracy will be replaced with a totalitarian regime. The more Trump gets away with abusing his power, the closer he reaches authoritarian. Trump is an existential threat to our democracy. Your vote can stop this danger.

If you feel that you can vote for neither candidate and are planning on sitting out to protest, particularly Bernie’s supporters, I hope you would reconsider your vote. This might be the last election you get to vote if Trump gets re-elected. Unlike Trump who brings chaos and corruption, Biden will bring unity and fairness. Biden will be a President for all, not just his base. You don’t have to take my words for it. You can give him a chance by voting for him. If he proves to be incompetent (such as mishandling the pandemic that cost 200,000 lives) or tries to destroy our democracy, we can elect a new Republican candidate to replace him in 2024. On the other hand, if Trump gets re-elected, you can kiss democracy goodbye.