The Zetrablade

After trying out four pairs of rollerblades, I settled on Men’s Zetrablade Inline Skates from Rollerblade. With this pair, I can skate up to half an hour before my feet get too painful to continue. With the previous three pairs, I could only skate up to five minutes.

To be fair, the previous inline skates were youth size. Even though they can be adjusted up to size 8, the width was very tight for me. I bought the Zetrablade for men; therefore, it is more comfortable to skate. That could be part of the reason. I have skated the Zetrablade for three times. It fits better and less painful each time. I am hoping that the pain will go away after I get break into it.

I am enjoying rollerblading more and more. It is getting less scarier, especially with protective gears. I enjoy rollerblading in the morning with a cup of ice coffee. That’s my only exercise of the day.