Gangster Politics

I wake up every morning and ask myself, “Is it November yet?” I am waiting for November like my life is depending on it. My life does depends on it. America is getting crazier and crazier each day just because of one individual. I don’t know how I am going to live with four more years of chaos under this fascist.

American politics is becoming like gangster rap in the 90s but in a much bigger scale. The rival between East and West started words, but quickly escalated with the gun down of 2pac and Biggie. The divisiveness in American politics started with words, but it has quickly spilled out to the streets. Americans are being killed and yet the fascist is doing nothing to stop it. Instead of taking responsibility for his incompetent leadership, he blames on his opponent. The lies are just getting ridiculously absurd each day.

If he gets re-elected, democracy will die. No one will stop him from doing anything. The Republicans can’t do anything now. Once he has absolute power, they will just follow his order. The ones who speak out against him will be punished or vanished. It will become reality if he wins again.

I am terrified. I am losing sleep. I am stressed the fuck out. We need decency. We need empathy. We need unity. We need democracy. We need to put an end to this madness. We need to elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.