Fear Over Facts

The Republicans and their incompetent-in-chief applied the same fear tactics they used four years ago. They sounded like someone has been running our country instead of the orange idiot. They didn’t mention any progress in the last four years because they have failed to make America greater or safer.

They have no plan or vision in the next four years. They promised that he would bring back the economy he himself has driven to the ground. They said nothing about the unemployment numbers under his watch. They ignored the pandemic because they have failed to keep America safe. They made it seem like our country is in deep shit and he’s the only one that can pull us out of the shithole, in which he is currently in charge of.

The lies are beyond comprehensible, but they seem to work for his base. If you lie repeatedly, it will become the truth and that’s how fascism works. We are heading that direction if we won’t vote him out on November 3.