My New Morning Routine

I woke up around 6 am and read for an hour and a half. Around 8 am, I drove to the park nearby my sister-in-law’s house. The basketball court was empty. The court’s smooth surface was perfect for rollerblading. I sported my new Triple Eight Saver Series Pad Set with Kneesavers, Elbowsavers, and Wristsavers.

From now on, I won’t be skating for rollerblading without these guards. They are like seatbelts for me. At 42, I can’t gamble with my life, especially for something that is supposed to be pleasure. I fell a couple of times and as long as I didn’t land on my butt, these guards had protected my knees and wrist. Of course, helmet is a must.

I could only rollerblade for half an hour. I am still not breaking in to my new shoes yet. My feet still hurt like crazy. I hope it will go away. I used to have this issue with ice skating. By the time, my feet got comfortable with the shoes, the pandemic hit. Now I have to go through all the pain again. I guess it is true. No pain no gain. I am starting to get some of my groove back. It’s good for me to do some kind of exercise rather than sitting in front of the screen and snacking all day long.

I am trying to make this into my morning routine until it gets too cold to do so. I am hoping to recruit my kids to join me.