Learning to Rollerblade

I am making very little progress with rollerblade. The first pair my wife bought hurt my feet way too much. I could barely skate for few minutes. I tried out my son’s K2 Skate Youth Raider and it felt much better. She ordered me a new K2 pair just like my son’s since I have small feet and could fit into a youth size.

Yesterday after work, we went to George Mason field house to tried rollerblading on the bike route. Since the route is somewhat flat and has grass right next to pavement, we could run into the grass if we couldn’t break. I used that quite often. The K2 Skate Youth Raider Pro Pack includes knee and elbow pads as well as wrist guards. We definitely needed pads, guards, and helmet for safety. Rollerblading seems to be much more dangerous than ice skating.

I still have a lot of practicing to do to get in the groove for rollerblading like I had with ice skating. I am glad that my sons are joining me in this sport.