Boating Experience With Intex Seahawk 2

With COVID-19, we haven’t done much this summer. All vacations had been cancelled. To give our boys some activities, my wife bought two Intex Seahawk 2 Inflatable Boats. We took them to the lake and just let them paddled for an hour or two. The boys loved it.

With three air chambers, the Seahawk 2 is comfortable. Its high-output hand pump makes inflating the boats with ease—even my four-year-old son can help pump up the boats quickly. The two Boston valves make deflating fast and easy to store away.

What I enjoyed the most about the boating experience was just lying down on the boat and read a book. The Seahawk 2 is so comfortable; therefore, I just let it float away. It was such a great way to enjoy a book or take a nap. I can spend all day doing that. Of course, wearing a life jacket or a floating device is a must. I would not let my kids get on the boat without wearing one even the two older kids already know how to swim.