I really missed ice skating. The rinks are still closed. I wanted to pick up rollerblading, but it appeared to be dangerous. Falling on ice seemed less risky than on concrete, especially for my age.

This week, I finally tried out rollerblading after Đán, my second son, consistently asked for a pair of rollerblades. He made the transition from ice skating to rollerblading with effortlessness. He just rolled off naturally. His fearless personality seemed to help. I, on the other hand, felt uncomfortable and anxious. Unlike ice skating, rollerblading seemed harder to control. I hadn’t been able to glide my feet like I could on ice.

I am slowly trying to relearn the skills I made in ice skating. I started yesterday and it was a disaster. My feet hurt like hell in new rollerblades. Today, I made a bit of progress. I am taking my time with it to avoid falling. With my age and weight, falling would be really bad. With hills and uneven pavements, I need to learn to stop. I could not do the snowplow stop nor the hockey stop like I could on ice. Luckily, there’s plenty of YouTube tutorials to learn.