Simplexpression Rebranded

When David Jonathan Ross sent out Pomfret on July 1st to his Font of the Month Club members, I immediately thought of using it for Simplexpression.

Pomfret is such a beautiful, elegant titling face based on Bertram Goodhue’s Arts & Crafts lettering for The Knight Errant magazine. Unlike the original drawing, David increased the contrast between thick and thin to give Pomfret the extra edge.

In addition, David added over 175 ligatures. Simplexpression has always been about the hidden letter E. As a result, Pomfret is perfect for the Simplexpression brand. With the new wordmark, MP, EX, and EX are joined together. Although SS is a ligature, I wanted to make it extra special. I flipped the second S to form the heart shape. It also gives a sense of weaving strings together like when my wife created her pieces with her hands. I really love how the new wordmark turned out. Take a look.