Another Day Another Argument

On Sunday, we took the kids to the closest beach from our home. The drive was almost two hours. As we drove closer to our destination, I suggested that we grab some lunch. I also suggested sushi because Đạo and Đán loved sushi, but my wife immediately shot that down. She suggested we grab something quick from McDonald’s. So we did.

We spent three hours playing in the water. The kids had lots of fun. On our way back, my wife suggested that we grab dinner so she wouldn’t have to cook. Great idea. Đán suggested sushi, but my mother-in-law wouldn’t eat raw fish. Xuân and Vương wouldn’t like sushi either. I suggested we get them Vietnamese food or something else at a different restaurant for them. We can ended up going straight home.

While the kids took a bath, I put away all the things from our minivan and my wife threw some egg rolls in the frying pan. We had vermicelli with egg rolls and vegetables. She also made some tofu kimchi soup. Dinner was simple and delicious. I drank some of my cold lychee saké.

When it was time for me to do the dishes, I thanked her for dinner. Then she said something along the line that she always had to cook for all of us. I reminded her that we could have ordered out. I should have stopped there, but I went on. I told her that when I took the kids out, I tried my best not to take them to fast-food places. She flipped out and accused me of being an elitist. She said that only I knew how to feed them good food and she only fed them McDonald’s.

No, that was not what I meant, but I know I needed to shut up. That was not my intention at all. I meant to say that I wouldn’t settle for fast food for the sake of convenience. When we went out together before the pandemic, the most relaxed time for me was sitting at the restaurant, getting a drink, and chatting with the kids, especially with Đạo and Đán, while waiting for the food.

I was not trying to be an ass, but I guess we’re at the point in our relationship where whatever we say would irritate the fuck out of each other. I need to keep my bullshit to myself.

Today, we’re back to normal again. I am learning how to wrap up a fight.