Unsocial Media

I have deactivated Facebook for almost a month haven’t missed it one bit. It’s such a toxic platform. I still use Twitter to stay update with typography and web design. I still have a presence on LinkedIn and Pinterest, but hardly checked them. I signed into Instagram once using Facebook to see a few photos I was interested in. After that, I never bothered to use it. I am not even on TikTok. What other social media networks have I missed?

These days, it either seems cool to be unsocial online or a sign of getting old. I am 42 now; therefore, it must be the latter. I am fine with that. I don’t need to be connected and I definitely don’t need to be constantly bombarded with misinformation. I don’t think I am missing out too much.

I still use RSS to read blogs I have been following. I should make a list of websites I subscribed to and share on my blog. I always return to this tiny space of mine on the internet. A personal website or blog is still better than a mega platform. I can do anything with it. Yes, I can throw up ads too, but I have total control of them. I wouldn’t put ads that would degrade this site; therefore, my readers don’t have to worry. I have a few promotions in the line-up that I am excited about. You’ll see what I mean.