The Down Side of FutureFonts

I purchased a handful of fonts from FutureFonts. Unfortunately, most of them are incomplete; therefore, unusable. Their creators have abandon them. The fonts I invested in have no italic yet and only Name Sans supports Vietnamese. In fact, out of the entire FutureFonts catalog, only three fonts include Vietnamese.

Seeing how Stephen Nixon completed his excellent Recursive family, I have high hope that he will complete Name Sans as well. Other than Name Sans, my hope for the fonts I have bought to be usable beyond display typography in English is diminishing. As a result, I have been refraining myself from making anymore purchases from FutureFonts.

Yesterday, I could not resist the temptation from a beautiful serif text face; therefore, I bought Loretta, by Nova Type Foundry. I did a bit of research into Joana Correia’s work and she had completed Alga. She even added added diacritics to Alga, which is also one of the three fonts that supports Vietnamese in FutureFonts catalog. I hope she will complete Loretta with Vietnamese as well. We’ll see.

Bonjour Vietnam