Welcome to My World

Watching Jonathan Swan interviewing a four-year-old reminded me of conversations with my four-year-old sons. I went through it with my first, second, and third sons. They just have their own limited views that nothing I said could make any sense to them.

For example, the other day my four-year-old son ate the last popsicle we had in the fridge and he asked for more. I told him that we didn’t have anymore and I even opened the fridge to show him that we didn’t have anymore, but his response was, “But I want more.” I explained to him that we ran out of popsicle and even if we had more he wouldn’t allow to have two popsicles at one time. His response was, “But I want it.”

Although I only watched a few minutes of the interview, I could tell that Swan was getting frustrated. No matter how many times he tried to ask his questions and to present the facts, he couldn’t get through the four-year-old mind. When Swan said that the U.S. death toll is 1,000 a day, the four-year-old responded, “It is what it is.” Jonathan, welcome to my world!