Joe, Stay Low

It has been fascinating to see Joe Biden rising in the polls while staying on the down low. I have not heard anything from Biden, except for the coverage of his VP pick. On the other hand, his idiot opponent kept running his mouth and his fingers and had yet to get any traction. His poll numbers continued to slip, which drove him crazy.

My advice to the Biden campaign to pick a VP who could take on the idiot and let Biden continue to stay low. Wouldn’t that be a great strategy? Biden would be better off staying away from the media. The more he opens his mouth the more embarrassing gaffe he is going to make. So just let idiot sabotage his own campaign and handover the presidency. Biden just need to stay focus on the real issues that help American people.

In term of voting in November, I had applied to vote by mail in Virginia. As soon as I receive my absentee ballot, I will cast my vote. I will check Democrats straight up and down. I am so tired of the spineless Republicans who are afraid of the idiot than working for the people. Fuck them. I hope the Republic party will grow some spines after Trump loses the general election and Democrats gain control of the Senate.