It’s the Pandemic, Stupid!

He claimed to make America great again. Instead, he has made many of us dumb as fuck. I am noticing more and more Vietnamese Americans believing the coronavirus is a hoax created by the Democrats to take him down.

It’s dangerous. It’s beyond misinformation. Over 50,000 cases a day is not a hoax. It’s the pandemic, stupid. It’s lives and deaths, not Democrats or Republicans. It’s science, not politics. It’s sweeping the world, not just America. The rest of the world doesn’t give a fuck if he gets re-elected or not. We need to get our head straight. He is making us sick—not great.

Wearing masks prevents the spread of the virus and saves lives, but it has become politicized because he doesn’t want to wear one. They compare the face mask mandatory to the act of communism. Have they forgotten how it was like living under the communist? Has too much freedom made them become so ignorant? They rather put themselves and their family at risk than masking up.

I didn’t realize how deep fake news, racism, and homophobia ran in our community until he became president. He brought out not only the white supremacist, but also exposed the ugliness hiding in the Vietnamese-American community. We have lots of work ahead of us to right our wrong, but I am hopeful seeing the young Vietnamese-American generation stepping up to help fix these issues.