Ray Dalio: Principles

I bought Ray Dalio’s Principles over a year ago at a used book sale event. I liked the book’s typesetting. I didn’t know Ray Dalio and I had not heard of his company he built called Bridgewater. I am absolutely clueless about the financial world. The book had been sitting on my bookshelves until the pandemic hit and I ran out of books to read at home. Although the book’s primary focus is on principles, Dalio gives 124-page overview of his life and career. This part moves fast because Dalio writing is clear and concise. In the second and third parts, he shares his life and work principles respectively. I skimmed over these two parts a bit just to get the general idea. Since I have the book on hand, I will return to it later for reference or if I wanted to delve deep into a particular principle.