Designing for Class of 2020

For the law school’s class of 2020, we wanted to do something special on graduation. The Senior Associate Dean wanted to put together a banner on our homepage looping all the graduate names. When I received the request, I was not sure how to include over 230 graduates on a small banner. After doing some research, I came up with the scrolling solution, which is similar to the credit at the end of a film. I came across this simple CSS scrolling text technique by Syed Murtaza and adapted for our own use. The scrolling banner is only featured for today so take a look before the day is over.

In a typical graduation year, we would have a print booklet about 40 pages. Since the event is online this year, we wanted to create a short program page recognizing all the graduates. I put together the program page using CSS multi-columns. I really love this CSS feature. It makes typesetting for something like this painless.

We also created a page for the faculty and staff to leave personal notes for the graduates.