The Perfect Response

As the U.S. surpasses 86,000 deaths related to COVID-19, the idiot is in deep fear of losing his reelection. In desperation, he takes shots at the real president. He has been all over Barack with the none-sense Obamagate.

As much as Obama doesn’t deserve to get dragged into the mud, I enjoy seeing the idiot getting all work up on the former president. He knows damn well that he will never reach Obama’s level of intelligent, competence, and popularity. If Obama could run a third term, that idiot would never had a chance at the presidency.

Obama understands that the idiot has been obsessed with him since the birther conspiracy. The way Obama addresses his haters reminded me of how JAY-Z handled his haters. They stayed calm, cool, and wise. On “The Takeover,” JAY-Z brilliantly addressed his haters:

Twinkletoes, you’re breakin’ my heart
You can’t fuck with me; go play somewhere, I’m busy
And all you other cats throwin’ shots at Jigga
You only get half a bar—fuck y’all niggas!

While the other cats get half a bar, the whiny little bitch in the White House gets one word. Obama responded, “Vote.”