Live and Let Not Die

Before the pandemic, I posted a blog post on Facebook arguing how the idiot has ruined America and our democracy. My cousin who is one of the idiot supporters asked me to prove what he has done to ruin our country. I gave her top five items off the top of my head and she refused to believe them. Seeing how his supporters, even my own family members, believe his lies more than facts, I have no hope for getting common sense into them. They will believe his lies no matter what.

As we are facing the crisis of the pandemic, the lying idiot believes in his own lies. Despite the fact that we are losing almost 3,000 lives each day, the idiot wants to reopen the country. When asked if more Americans will die as the result of reckless reopening, he replied, “It could very well be the case.” Knowing damn well that people could die, he still wants Americans to take the risk anyway. He also doesn’t want testing because he argued that, “In a way, by doing all this testing, we make ourselves look bad.” We rather look bad than die? Aren’t we looking bad already? We have the highest cases of COVID-19 and the highest number of deaths in the world. The entire world already knows how the idiot has mishandled the crisis.

As November is coming and the coronavirus is not leaving, he is terrified of losing his reelection. His only distraction is to hype up his own bullshit. Unfortunately, only him and his supporters buy his own bullshit, the coronavirus does not. He gambles with human lives for his own reelection. I don’t know about you, but I do not trust him when it comes to gambling. Look what happened to his casinos. I urge you to think about being his playing cards. You’re not only gambling with your own lives, but others as well. I wouldn’t take that chance for an unstable idiot.