Visualgui 2020 Iteration 3: The “a”

For iteration 3 of this blog, I changed the big display text to Gimlet Sans, May’s Font of the Month that David had just sent out earlier today. Because of the lovely “a” in Gimlet Sans, I switched the text face back to Fragen, by Lucas Descroix. I love the way the “a” in each typeface has similar features, and yet they are different.

I also brought back the dark mode after reading Kilian Valkhof’s “Your dark mode toggle is broken.” I didn’t implement the toggle button. The only way you would see the dark mode is when you switch your operating system to dark mode. I also added a bit three red stars as end marks for a bit of decoration. Why not?

One of the best things of having a personal website is that I get to experiment and change the design whenever I feel like it. It gives a bit of a joy during this difficult time.