Let’s just call him for what he is: a crazy motherfucker. More disturbingly, his hallucinated supporters worship his craziness. If the anti-lockdown protestors only put themselves at risk, they can have all the rallies they want and spread coronavirus among themselves. Unfortunately, their reckless action affects human lives and that is a crisis we cannot accept. If they disregard facts and science at this point then they are too ignorant and too stupid to understand the truth.

We have a lunatic running our country. His mental health is deteriorating and his insanity is a threat to our democracy and to our safety. He cuts funding for the World Health Organization in the middle of a fucking pandemic. Hong Kong, which could have had a significant impact from mainland China, only had four deaths out of 715 confirmed cases. How did Hong Kong have the coronavirus under control? That’s right, it followed the WHO’s guidelines. Our deranged leader ignored WHO’s advice. He also ignores our health experts and continues to endorse hydroxychloroquine, which has no treatment for the coronavirus and could increase the risk of cardiac arrest.

The coronavirus is a threat to our lives, but we can control it by stopping its spread. An unhinged leader of one of the most powerful countries in the world is a much bigger destruction and we need to stop his craziness from destroying this nation. He is sick. We should do him a favor by voting him out this November. With such a severe mental illness, he won’t last in another four-year term.

Bonjour Vietnam