The Biden’s Candidacy

Joe Biden is not an exciting choice for me—Elizabeth Warren was. Nevertheless, we need a leader who does not constantly draw attention to himself. We need a competence president who gets the job done instead of an incompetence narcissist who does not “take any responsibility at all.” We need a true presider who gives space to expertise in time of crisis instead of an attention hogger who claims “I alone can fix it.”

I can see Biden is the kind of leader who will surround himself with genuine experts, distinguished scientists, and qualified officials to run our government, to strengthen our democracy, and to keep us safe. Unlike the unstable genius whose ego, ignorance, and laziness had created a massive catastrophe, Biden will be prepared to deal with a pandemic such as COVID-19. In addition, Biden is married to Jill Biden who has a doctorate in education. She has taught English at Northern Virginia Community College and in Delaware schools for over 25 years. Of course, Biden’s biggest asset is the Obamas. In his endorsement speech, Barack Obama made a convincing case for Biden. It is also refreshing to hear from a president who is articulate, compassionate, and matured. I am tired of hearing an old man who whines and behaves like a four years old.

The downside of Biden is that he has a long history of good and bad records. Biden is far from perfect, but he has changed over the years as he learned from his mistakes. Nevertheless, the other side will unveil his dirts in the next few months. Without a doubt, he is going to get slaughtered in this election. Will he survive? It will be the test of the Biden’s candidacy.