The Narcissismvirus

I am distancing from both the coronavirus and the narcissismvirus. The former spreads through contacts; the latter spreads through lies; and both could be deadly. I feel my friends’ outrage about the daily briefings of the White House Coronavirus Task Force and my advice to them is don’t watch. Don’t let the narcissimvirus get to you.

With the threat to his presidency and power, the narcissimvirus is ruthless. He entertained the idea of reopening the economy when American lives are still in jeopardy. His die-hard followers took up his words for it. They were willing to sacrifice their own lives in order to prevent the economy from crashing. He considered himself doing “a very good job” if only 200,000 people die. Does it sound like a cult? Remember Jim Jones’s followers lining up to drink poisonous Kool-Aid? While Jones killed over 900 of his followers, the narcissimvirus could cost hundreds of thousands of human lives and he won’t take any responsibility at all.

We know he won’t take any responsibility because he has been blaming everyone else but himself for the American crisis under his watch. The coronavirus was not preventable, but it wouldn’t have blown into a catastrophe if someone else led the country. Let’s face it. Not only he is incompetent, but he is also too afraid to take action in this pandemic.

Bonjour Vietnam