A Vietnamese-American Voice



I’m one of those who saw your long ago video “Bonjour Vietnam,” made some comments on it and a few after. Also saw what you went through after the event. I bookmarked your visualgui ‘politics’ read it from time to time.

I’m leaning liberal forever, sided with the Democrats since Jimmy Carter. I can’t stand Trump the chimp and cái lũ Việt đười ươi cuồng Trump, think your latest post on politics a gem.

I thought it’s time to pay you a compliment/contribution.

I glad I am not alone in the Vietnamese-American community to speak out against the incompetent leader whose ignorant and stupidity put us in jeopardy of a deadly pandemic. Not all of us are blinded or manipulated by the con artist. This blog allows me to have a Vietnamese-American voice in this political sphere. Thank you for your generous contribution. I can’t make any promises, but you have my word that I will continue to speak the truth. I hope you stay safe and healthy in this difficult time.