Coronavirus Exposes the Con Man

As the coronavirus silently creeps in, it exposes the incompetence of the president. He can’t lie his way out of this one.

His administration shut down the global-health office in the National Security Council. Insteading of preparing for the pandemic early, he ignored warnings. He boasted that the virus will go away one day. That miracle has not come. He lied that the virus had been contained when it had continued to spread. He lied that testing would be available for everyone when it was not. He lied that the vaccine would be available in a few months when it will take a year or more to develop. He admitted that he cared far more about the numbers than the people’s lives.

Because of his massive leadership failures and constant lies, the American people had to make the decision themselves. Responsible leaders including university presidents, supertendents, state governors, and business owners had bypassed the president to shut down schools, workplace, and activities. We can no longer wait for the guidance from this con artist.

He is unfit for this job and needed to be replaced. We need someone who could handle a situation like this to keep us safe. This incompetent president does not know how to keep us safe.