Country for Old White Men

The presidential candidates and the incumbent are in their 70s and all white. I have nothing against their age or their race. If he can unite the country and make us better as a nation, I will support him. The race is now between Biden and Bernie.

With Biden, we can foresee his political agenda. He will continue where Obama left off, especially on healthcare. He’s a safe bet. Bernie, on the other hand, will make more drastic changes, particularly on healthcare. I am all in on Medicare for All. Let me give you a real-life scenario.

My nephew who is in his late 30s had made a drastic decision to start a new life. He quit his job, sold his house, and moved his family to a new country. Unfortunately, his plan didn’t work out. He moved back to the U.S., tried to find a new job, and restarted from scratch. He applied everywhere, but nothing came through. While on his job search, he got sick. Because he didn’t have health insurance, he kept brush it off until he had trouble breathing. He checked himself to the hospital because he thought he could die. It turned out that he had serious heart failures and if he didn’t check in, he could have died. He was hospitalized for three weeks and his medical bill was $80,000. Without a job and not much in his bank account, he applied for Medicaid. Who is picking up the bill? Yes, tax-payers. If we had Medicare for All, he would not have put his life as risk.

If Bernie keeps his promise, he would be the ideal candidate. Bernie is at a disadvantage because the establishment is railing against him, but it is still up to the rest of the Democrat voters to decide who will get the nomination. Either Bernie or Biden, we have to get behind that person. We can’t win the general election if we are divided. I urge supporters of either Bernie or Biden to come together to vote out the danger in the White House. Just look at the way the idiot is mishandling the Coronavirus pandemic.