Thank You For Your Support

Yesterday I received a generous contribution from a reader. As an independent blogger, I feel appreciative and encouraged. Blogging has become a passion of mine. I am not a writer, but a designer who writes. Blogging has allowed me to express myself through words without filter. I could write whatever I wanted. The freedom is both hypnotic and hell-raising at times.

Although I have invested time and effort into my blog, from designing to writing, I hesitated to ask for support. I don’t want to change the way I write if I have people paying me. Fortunately, it has not been the case. But then on the flip side, why the hell not? I will never know if I never tried it out. Whether I get support from readers or not, keeping my blog up-to-date will not change. Writing has been a way for me to deal with many issues in my head. If nothing else, I can improve my writing. I still trip up on English grammar, but I am getting better. I still make Vietnamese spelling errors, but I am relearning them as I write.

These days, I do cross-posting on Facebook as well. I want to share some of my thoughts to family and friends who do not visit my blog. On Facebook I have 230 friends, which is a much smaller audience than my blog. I pull in about 12,000 unique visitors a month on my blog, but I have no idea who they are or where they come from. I do not have any third-party tracking script on my website. I have no like button and no comment section on my blog. It is just me writing my life away. Facebook is different because it is Zuckerberg’s platform and not mine. All my content belongs to him and I don’t feel easy about it. The good thing is that I can simply turn off the switch and everything will be gone. Most of the content I shared on Facebook I already have an archive on my blog.

If you find me deactivating my Facebook one day, you can always find me on my blog. My blog is where I keep most of my writing. I wanted to thank everyone who had contributed to my blog. If you’ve moved to do so, here’s the link.